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Order now to add the California Real Estate Technology Services IDX feed to your website and provide a search for all of the cities listed below.

Available Cities

The California Real Estate Technology Services feed covers the following cities (updated daily):

MLS/IDX Feed Details
Update Frequency: Every 1 Hour(s)
Feed Type: RETS
Listing Count: 68,747

Data Management Fee(s):

$10.00 Monthly

* Additional Monthly Fee(s):

$10.00 Monthly

Sold Data

12 Months

For more information on any applicable fees, please click here.
*Additional $10/mo fee applies to CLAW Members only.

CARETS includes data from CRISNET, CLAW, Palm Springs, ITECH, & Ventura

CARETS is no longer a part of CRMLS or Desert MLS

Commercial Property Type unavailable.

Switching from another IDX provider? Call 1-800-421-9668 to ask about our special offer to Realtor® members of CARETS.
Offered exclusively for Platinum accounts, SOLD Data is available for this MLS for an additional $10.00 a month.

For more information please call our Sales Team at 1-800-421-9668.

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Ken Jansen, REALTOR®

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